Foundations are normally made so that there is not much load on the ground by a building. This is normally done in order to maintain the bearing capacity of the soil. Normally, the reinforced foundation concrete made of steel allows any building to be able to build many stories upwards. This simple means that the reinforced concrete will be able to take much more load. The trench is required to excavate into a depth that is required. Reinforced concrete should never be put into lose soil since it could be very tricky for the house and it could even collapse.

A reinforced concrete type of foundation, the work only commences when the trench is being excavated accordingly. The width of the trench is normally around two feet of width. This depth should be done only on hard grounds and this could also vary from one site to another. The yield bars are normally first cut and then tied together. These are also made into long bars of three that could be easy to run along the length of this trench used. These are bars on the top. There are more additional bars that also run across this width are the tied to the ones on top.

The trench bottoms of the foundation are leveled accordingly to be able to get the concrete. Another blinding layer of around two inches of thickness is added to this trench or order to make level. The thickness of the laid foundation is marked with the help of steel pegs, which are driven into a building. This will in turn mark the required height of the concrete. The reinforced concrete is then laid into the trench. Make sure it is not laid on the layer directly. Required spacer blocks should be put underneath in order to let the reinforced concrete to be able to flow. This also provides the required cover for the steel.

Once this reinforcement is properly placed, then comes the concreting. There should be enough care into avoiding any kind of debris that could enter the trench. If it does, then it should be cleaned out. The concrete should be mixed with a ratio of just one portion of cement, two portions of sand and three of ballast. This mix is then poured into the reinforced concrete. It should then be leveled out evenly.

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