Factors That Affect the Drying Time of a Water-Damaged Home


Water damage is a nightmare for any homeowner. If not addressed immediately, it could lead to more serious problems and more expensive repairs. But before fixing a water-damaged house, home remodeling companies must wait for the structure to dry completely. 

Water-Damaged Home

Usually, drying time takes about 12 hours to two weeks, depending on certain conditions. Continue reading to find out which factors can affect the drying time of a water-damaged home.

The Extent of the Damage

How much water has leaked into your home? Generally, the more water that comes into contact with your property, the longer it will take to dry out properly. If there was only a few inches of water, this can be pumped out quickly. However, if you’re dealing with around four feet of standing water on your first floor, drying out your home could take hours or days.

The Source of Water

If the source of water is a burst pipe or localized rain, your home will be easier to dry out and clean up. However, if your home got flooded due to sewage backup or an overflowing river or lake, cleanup and drying time could take longer. In this case, home remodelers will have a tougher time since water from these sources is dirty and contaminated.

Drying Equipment

Apart from the number of drying equipment you have, the type of drying equipment also impacts the amount of time needed to dry out your home. For instance, a standard house fan will take longer to dry an area than a high-volume fan and dehumidifier. If you want to speed up the drying time of your water-damaged property, you should hire qualified water damage restoration specialists. They have specialized equipment to dry out your home efficiently.

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