Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Will Floyd Mayweather find it hard to resist his ruthless instincts in exhibition bout? | Boxing News

Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring in an exhibition bout against Logan Paul, but will the boxing legend deliver a painful lesson to the YouTuber? The Panel give their verdict…

Mayweather faces the social media sensation tonight, live on Sky Sports Box Office, and knockouts are allowed under the rules for the eight-round bout.

But will Mayweather hold back his aggression, or could he produce a ruthless stoppage?

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Matthew Macklin

There is a big possibility that Floyd could hold back, because he’ll want it to be like an exhibition. Mayweather will want to showcase things and entertain the fans. But Floyd has got a massive ego and he’s not going to let anyone be too competitive with him.


Logan Paul says he will beat the ‘greatest boxer’

It wouldn’t shock me, if Mayweather lands a knockout punch. Logan Paul, because of his pulling power, he’s had most things go his way. But Mayweather is on a totally different level and if Logan Paul gets knocked out, then the fun and games might start to disappear.

Carl Froch

I thought that Floyd carried Conor McGregor, so if it’s that easy for him, then he can definitely do it against Logan Paul, who will have no timing or distance. We could find out if Logan Paul can fight a little bit when he’s in the ring with Mayweather.



Logan Paul’s trainer says his fighter can out-box Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is going to be incredibly hard to hit. Logan is heavier and slower and although Mayweather hasn’t competed at any level for so long, it really doesn’t matter.

It’s like me playing an old tennis player who has not played for years. I play tennis quite a lot now, but I just know I’m getting beat by the pro tennis player, who has been retired for two years, because they are just too good.

Johnny Nelson

Logan Paul will probably be a bit more respectful of Floyd Mayweather and his achievements, than Jake Paul, who is a more antagonistic YouTuber. He’s the kind of kid who Floyd might be eager to hit as he’s got under Mayweather’s skin already.


Jake Paul says he will put on a ‘boxing clinic’ in his next fight

I think Logan knows his lane, he knows his place. He’ll have a go, but it will get to a point where Floyd will pickpocket and then bash him. He’ll carry Logan Paul until he gets cheeky, and if he gets cheeky and tries to slip a shot in, then Mayweather will turn the heat on.

Spencer Oliver

No, I don’t think Floyd will hold back. Floyd has got a reputation to keep and he won’t want to damage his legacy. I think Logan is in for a really, really hard night.

Floyd Mayweather


Mayweather has called Paul ‘a YouTuber who thinks he’s a real fighter’

If Logan Paul tries to do anything, Floyd will punish him for it. Logan Paul is coming to Floyd’s sport. Floyd is considered one of the greatest of all time. There is no way he’s going to carry a YouTuber, or let him take any liberties. Floyd is not that sort of person.

With all the build-up, Jake stealing his hat, it could well mean that Floyd goes in there and has the last laugh.

Andy Clarke

Logan Paul is that much bigger, so it might be easy for Mayweather to carry him for a bit. Floyd can probably land a few, hit him on the forearms, hit him on the shoulder, and look like he’s busying himself, when he’s not really trying to do anything.

Then he’ll make up his mind what he’s going to do. Whether he’s going to let his hands go at any point, or not. The reality is with these YouTube fighters, they’ve got no experience. Floyd Mayweather can finish this whenever he felt like it. After five seconds, or with five seconds to go. If he throws a flurry of punches to the body or the head, that will be it.

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