Whenever you have a basement that’s wet, it becomes useless because you are unable to take advantage of it as living space. Worst of all, however, the dampness can start to slowly weaken the foundation of your home and even begin to breed toxic molds. Many times, this situation is left unsolved because people usually want to make the rooms that people see first the most attractive. This is a total mistake. Once you read these facts below, you probably will agree with me a wet basement should be your priority.

Some Waterproofing Basement Facts:

1. A wet basement can give way to extensive water damage.

2. It can be the cause for weakened foundations and even toxic molds.

3. Roof drainage is the number one cause of leaky basements because it is capable of accumulating a great deal of water which is transferred to the gutters for disposal.

4. Properly angled soil should slope away from the house so that excess rainwater doesn’t run toward the home. Water running toward the home only increases the chance of it seeping into the foundation.

5. Waterproof Paint is considered to be a cheap waterproofing tactic in order to be somewhat of a quick fix, but the basic truth is that when applied incorrectly, it can wreck havoc with your basement’s dampness and only increase it.

6. Humidifiers can be a great way to help deter dampness in your home and can act as a waterproofing solution when used with humidity-reducing chemicals and powders.

The bottom line is when it comes to the safety of your home and your family, it makes sense to have a professional evaluate your home’s condition. People right away want to be Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It and Do-It-Yourselfers type of family — but you really don’t want to play around when it comes to family safety in my opinion.

Do you know a good Waterproofing company in your community? If not, do your homework, especially online to find a reputable company in your area. Start Googling and educate yourself on the subject of the importance of having a waterproofed home. Once you find a good potential, make sure you ask if they are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t just hire anyone — make sure they are experts in their field. Go with one that has years of experience. Once you feel comfortable hiring a company near you, make sure you obtain valuable information on your basement waterproofing system.

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