Which Parcel Drop box Is Right For You In This Pandemic Era

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You should invest in a parcel dropbox now if there was ever a good time. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become apparent that health and safety in the workplace needs to be a sharper focus. Distancing yourself from crowded public places and avoiding crowded situations are both crucial.  

Let’s say a mother has to go to the post office drop box with her kids in order to pick up a parcel. Keeping children under control can be challenging when there is more than one with you. If there are more than one, who will keep them from touching surfaces, for example. 

It will be challenging to keep the distance of six feet. The whole family could contract the deadly disease as a result of such exposure.  

There are so many benefits to having a parcel drop box at home. For starters, contactless deliveries are convenient. Shopping as usual can be done while adhering to social distancing calls. 

Please take note of how you should handle home deliveries so as not to get infected. Let the package sit up to 24 hours before touching it, for instance. You should remove outer packaging and discard it. After handling items, you should wash your hands thoroughly.  

It is important to invest in a secure lockable parcel delivery box to ensure your items are safe. When the courier comes around, regardless of whether anyone is home. You can only access the item using the lockbox key or combination once it is inside the delivery box.  

The number of parcel drop box vendors and suppliers is plentiful. Choosing the right one can be challenging. You need to keep a few things in mind before making your decision. But what do they consist of? 

1. Don’t Miss Out On The Security Features

A parcel drop box’s security features are the first thing to consider when choosing one. You can choose from many different types of drop boxes. Yet, securing or assuring the safety of your deliveries is a strong selling point. At the very least, a lockable box should be available.  

Choosing a cantilever system is the best choice. The parcel box cannot be opened once the item has been placed inside. Your purchases will be protected from burglars who try to gain access through the entryway.  

One of the key security features of a parcel drop box is the material used to construct the body. Make sure the body is durable, strong, and nearly impossible to breach. Ensure that burglars have a hard time getting in. You can use metal boxes for this. 

2. Use Weather-Resistant Materials

A delivery box will be exposed to the effects of the elements since it stays outside. The moisture in the air causes the metal to rust. In the same way, wood rots because of moisture. A weatherproof material is applied to delivery boxes by box manufacturers. Important parts like seals should be adequately protected. The box should not need to be replaced too often. 

3. How To Install The Parcel Drop box

Note that installing the parcel drop box is quite simple. Many of them are pretty simple to install, and they use only a few tools like Australian parcel box.

Consider getting expert help if you think it’s going to be difficult. You should have no trouble getting assistance from the vendors or manufacturers. Delivery boxes can be made less safe by improper installation. In other words, thieves can take the box if you don’t mount it securely. 

4. Select The Appropriate Size

Boxes for parcel delivery are not all the same. You can determine what is most suitable for your situation. As a guideline, consider what you normally buy. Keeping your parcel dropbox small is sufficient if you make small purchases. 

5. Aspects Of The Design

Nearly anywhere outside your home can be used as a parcel drop box. There are many favorite spots for photographs such as driveways, front porches, gardens, and gate posts. Therefore, it is visible to everyone visiting the house. 

Make your outdoor area more beautiful by choosing an attractive design. Colors and patterns vary greatly.  Take the time to paint with some creativity. The box will blend in with your outdoor decor as a result. Mounting and installation options are also available. If you want, you can put them up on the wall. Smaller parcels are best suited to this technique. 

Alternatively, parcel delivery boxes can be floor-mounted. These make it easier to place large packages. A driveway, a garden, or anywhere else you desire can be chosen as the location for it. The latter requires, well, a wall. You decide.

6. Use Available Technologies

You should be aware of available lockbox technologies.  One of the latest trends involves smart lockboxes. When the deliveryman scans the barcode, the smart lockbox verifies that the package was delivered. A mobile alert or an alert sent to a Bluetooth-enabled device can be set up. Additionally, you can configure them according to your needs. You can also record sound and stream videos. Your deliveries will be more secure. 


Take advantage of home delivery parcel drop boxes during this pandemic period. Making trips to drop-off locations eliminates unnecessary exposure. There is no right or wrong parcel delivery box; it comes down to what is needed and what you like. Just be sure to check out your options in terms of security features. Consider the box’s material as well. Make sure it is strong, weatherproof, and durable. Decide on the right size according to what you purchase. 

You should also consider the installation. Should it be mounted or laid on the ground? You should determine the installation method that is most convenient for you and the delivery. The box should also be secured so that a local burglar would have a difficult time getting away with the entire thing.