The modern home has many different types of windows. When choosing a window design, you need to make sure that it will complement your home and your lifestyle.

Arched Windows

Arched windows are the most common window designs. They are often used as dormers, but they can also be used as single-pane windows. Arches are made from curved wooden frames that are reinforced with metal for extra strength. They can be made of different materials, including wood and metal.

Arched windows are a popular choice because they add structure to the room and create a feeling of openness. They can also be used to frame views in the room.

Bay Windows

Bay windows have become increasingly popular as well. They are great for providing more light in a smaller space and giving you an opportunity to display artwork or other objects.

Bay windows are also called Picture Windows because they look like paintings when viewed from the outside. They can be found in both traditional homes and modern ones. They are typically three panes high and have decorative moldings on either side of each pane.

Hung Windows

Hung windows are another popular choice because they provide additional ventilation without sacrificing beauty or privacy. Hung windows can also be used for balancing spaces out by adding lightness or darkness to their appearance.

A hanging window is one that has two panes—one on either side of a vertical mullion—and hangs from a wall or ceiling (or sometimes both). It’s usually used for privacy or decoration purposes, but it can also be used for ventilation purposes by attaching fans underneath it!

Bow Windows

Bow windows should be considered if you have small rooms in your home, as they allow more natural light into the room without taking up much space at all.

A bow window has a curved shape similar to a bay window’s curve, but is open at both ends rather than just one end like a bay window would be if it were enclosed in glass. Bow windows may also be called panes or bow-shaped panes, depending on how many there are and their size.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are great if you want to maximize your view from your living room or kitchen area without having to climb on ladders every time you want to look outside!


The window design you choose for your home or office depends on your preferences and the general aesthetics of the space. If you’re confused about which design is best for your spaces, you can consult professionals such as JD Windows ( to help you with the decision-making and installation processes