5 reasons to buy Google Pixel 6a over Nothing Phone 1


Nothing Phone 1 vs Pixel 6a Source: Pocketnow

Google is ready to disrupt the mid-range smartphone market with the launch of Pixel 6a later this month. For those looking for a new Android smartphone with a set of great cameras, Google’s stock Android experience, and fast internals, the Google Pixel 6a is an excellent option.

But, the Pixel 6a isn’t the end of the road. The mid-range smartphone market is filled with plenty of options from Samsung, Motorola, TCL, and OnePlus. What’s more, Nothing also unveiled its first budget smartphone, the Nothing Phone 1, earlier this week. And, just like the Google Pixel 6a, Nothing Phone (1) also offers a lot for its money.


Google Pixel 6a vs Nothing Phone 1 will surely be one of the most discussed topics this summer, but here’s why we believe you should consider buying the Google Pixel 6a over Nothing Phone (1).

5 Reasons to buy Google Pixel 6a over Nothing Phone 1

1. Faster Android updates, Pixel-exclusive software features

Magic Eraser Google Pixel 6 Source: Google

While Nothing says that the Phone (1) will get three years of major Android updates, which is similar to what Google is offering with the Pixel 6a, Google Pixel smartphones will always be the first ones to receive Android updates. Moreover, the Google Pixel 6a will receive security patch updates every month. On the other hand, Nothing Phone 1 will receive security patches once every two months.

Another benefit of owning the Google Pixel 6a is the access to Pixel-exclusive features. On Google Pixel 6a, you will be able to enjoy features such as Google Assistant voice typing (that enables accurate voice dictation without using the internet), Live HDR, offline translations, and photo-editing features like Face Unblur and Magic Eraser, and much more. These features are, however, not present on the Nothing Phone (1).

2. Better IP rating

While the Nothing Phone 1 offers durable build materials — Gorilla Glass 5 on the Nothing Phone 1 vs Gorilla Glass 3 on the Google Pixel 6a — the smartphone loses out when it comes to IP rating. The Nothing Phone 1 offers IP53 dust and water resistance, while the Google Pixel 6a comes with IP67 dust and water resistance. If you’re someone who wishes to take your smartphone to a water park/beach or has kids around, the Google Pixel 6a seems like a better buy.

3. Reliable cameras

Google Pixel 6a Featured Source: Google

Nothing Phone 1 has an advantage over the Google Pixel 6a when we compare the camera specs on paper: 50MP vs 12.2MP primary camera and 50MP vs 12MP ultra-wide camera. However, Google has set a benchmark when it comes to cameras on Android smartphones. No matter the lighting conditions, you can bet on the Google Pixel smartphones to take beautiful pictures. While we’re yet to test the cameras on Nothing Phone (1) and take the final decision, it’s really hard to beat Google in this category. Make sure you’re subscribed to Pocketnow’s YouTube channel for the full review of the Nothing Phone (1) and Google Pixel 6a.

4. Faster Processor

Google Pixel 6a Tensor chip Source: Google

The Google Pixel 6a comes with a faster processor compared to the Nothing Phone (1). The Pixel 6a carries the same flagship processor as the Pixel 6 Pro, the Google Tensor SoC. As we have all come to know, the Google Tensor chip is built on the 5nm node process. It comes with an octa-core CPU containing two Cortex-X1 cores clocked at 2.8GHz, two Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.25GHz, and four Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.8GHz. It also offers advanced ML and AI capabilities.

On the other hand, Nothing Phone (1) is powered by Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 778G+ processor. It is built on the 6nm node process. While the Snapdragon 778G+ is also an octa-core chipset, the cores are less powerful in comparison to the Google Tensor chip. If you’re looking for a smartphone with flagship-grade performance, we recommend you to prefer the Google Pixel 6a over Nothing Phone 1.

5. Lightweight and compact

Pixel 6a Colors Source: Google

Google Pixel 6a is both compact and lightweight in comparison to the Nothing Phone 1. While the Nothing Phone (1) weighs over 193 grams, the Google Pixel 6a weighs only 178 grams. The Pixel 6a, with its slightly smaller 6.1-inch display, is also smaller in dimensions meaning it would fit in your hands better than the Nothing Phone 1. If you’re looking for a smartphone that’s easy to carry and gives a compact feel, the Google Pixel 6a is an excellent option.

Google Pixel 6a Product Box Image

Available for pre-order starting July 21, 2022

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a is the latest budget smartphone from Google. Despite being affordable, the Pixel 6a comes with best-in-class features and specs, such as a Google Tensor chip, the same camera software as the Pixel 6 series, a new design, and more. Pre-orders for the Google Pixel 6a will start on July 21.

Nothing Phone 1 Product Box Image

Nothing’s first-ever smartphone!

Nothing Phone (1)

Phone 1 is Nothing’s first-ever smartphone. It comes with a 6.55-inch 120Hz OLED display with slim bezels, Qualcomm’s custom-tuned Snapdragon 778G+ processor, LEDs on the back, Dual 50MP camera sensors, and more. Check out all the deals on the device using the links given below.


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