A step-by-move guideline to Hajj | Saudi Arabia

Tens of millions of Muslims from all over the earth assemble per year in Mecca in anticipation of Hajj – the Muslim pilgrimage, which follows the steps of the Prophet Muhammad 1,377 years back.

Using component in the pilgrimage at minimum the moment in one’s lifetime is a important obligation for all equipped-bodied Muslims of economical implies, and in between two and three million folks participate in the six-working day ritual every single 12 months.

Hajj happens in the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar, named Dhul-Hijjah, amongst the eighth and 13th days of the month.

Though the specific rituals carried out by Muslims currently day back again to the Prophet Muhammad’s “farewell pilgrimage” in 632 Ad, travelling to Mecca was a sacred annual ceremony for Arabian tribes generations just before the arrival of Islam.

According to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba – a black silk-clad stone structure at the heart of the Grand Mosque in Mecca – was developed by the Prophet Abraham in biblical times.

Hajj is, place merely, complex. There are numerous different methods of carrying out it, and numerous universities of Islamic thought, between which lie several scholarly dissimilarities. Right here is a breakdown of the methods provided in performing hajj.

Day 1 – August 30

Enter ihram (the sacred condition)

The really very first ceremony of Hajj is coming into ihram – a pilgrim’s sacred point out – when crossing the outer boundaries of Mecca, called Miqat.

On the eighth of Dhul-Hijjah, pilgrims enter ihram, which entails putting on plain garments – two unstitched cloths for guys, or free-fitting outfits for females – as properly as next certain policies, these kinds of as not supplying in to anger or partaking in sexual activity.

Head to Mina, a sprawling tent metropolis

The pilgrims then established out en masse from Mecca to the sprawling tent-town of Mina, no matter if by foot together pilgrim paths or by buses and cars. It is an 8 km journey.

The pilgrims will commit the day in Mina, only placing out the upcoming morning at dawn. Most of the time in Mina is used in prayer and remembering Allah.

Day 2 – August 31

Shell out the day at Arafat

The Day of Arafat is regarded a single of the most essential days, not just of Hajj, but of the Islamic calendar. Mount Mercy at Arafat was the scene of the Prophet Muhammad’s final sermon. Following producing the 14.4 km journey from Mina, pilgrims commit the day in this article in reverent prayer.

Somewhere else in the globe, several Muslims choose to rapid on this day.

Accumulate pebbles at Muzdalifah

Soon after sunset, its time to transfer all over again, this time to Muzdalifah – a 9 km excursion – where by they commit the night time less than the stars. Numerous will also start off collecting pebbles here for tomorrow’s rites, departing once more just right before dawn.

Pilgrims obtain at Mount Arafat for critical rite

Day 3 – September 1

Toss stones at the pillars

For people undertaking Hajj, the day is recognised as yawm-ul hajj al-akbar (The big hajj day) and is in all probability the longest working day of the pilgrimage, and the most perilous.The 10th of Dhul-Hijjah is Eid al-Adha, a day celebrated by Muslims all around the world as the increased of the two Muslim vacations.

Pilgrims start off the day in Muzdalifah and start off heading back again to Mina in advance of dawn. Once in Mina, they accomplish the initially rami, throwing seven pebbles at the greatest of three columns known as Jamarat.

This act is a symbolic stoning of the satan, primarily based on historic custom. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, the tale goes, as proof of faith. It is considered that at this spot in Mina, the devil appeared and tried out to dissuade Abraham from heeding the command. Abraham responded by throwing stones to scare him off.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims converge at the Jamarat Bridge, which properties the 3 columns representing the satan, in order to re-enact the tale.

The bridge has been the sight of deadly stampedes in the previous, with about 350 persons currently being crushed to demise in 2006.

But in latest decades, the event has taken location devoid of important incident.

Just after casting their stones, pilgrims must accomplish the sacrifice. Completing the tale, when Abraham went to sacrifice his son, he observed God experienced put a ram there to be slaughtered alternatively.

Pilgrims thus ought to slaughter a sheep, goat, cow or camel – or far more probable, shell out for it to be performed in their names.

At this point, pilgrims trim or shave (adult men only) their hair and take out their ihram outfits. Many will then proceed to Mecca to carry out tawaf and sa’ee, initially circling the Kaaba seven situations, then walking 7 moments involving the hills of Safa and Marwa.

When all is lastly accomplished, they return to their campsite in Mina.


Day 4 and 5 – September 2, 3

Closing days in Mina

On every working day, they will once more symbolically stone the satan – this time throwing seven pebbles at each of the a few pillars.With the hardest part guiding them, pilgrims will now shell out the next two or 3 times in Mina.

When their time in Mina is completed, the pilgrims return to Mecca to conduct the final circulation of the Kaaba, a “farewell” tawaf.

Before heading home, many also go to Medina, the second holiest city in Islam, where by the Prophet Muhammad is buried along with his closest companions. Viewing Medina, on the other hand, is not section of the pilgrimage.