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Across the Pastor’s Desk by Matt Hundley

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus explained, “…everyone who hears these phrases of mine and places them into apply is like a wise man who developed his house on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24 NIV) He goes on to demonstrate that when something (or anyone) is created on a stable foundation, they can face up to the storms of lifetime for the reason that they have been designed on a sturdy, reliable basis. I have examined that passage for several years, but not too long ago we have witnessed a authentic-daily life example of this. The condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida, is a stark reminder of the devastation that comes when our foundation is compromised. The slide is good and the fallout reaches far and extensive for absolutely everyone associated. I pray for all those who have shed buddies and household in this tragedy, and I hope you will as effectively.

Matt Hundley

In occasions of grief and decline we are given the prospect to evaluate, find out and ideally expand in strategies that profit us and those close to us. Jesus’ words carry additional significance in the mild of reduction and destruction we see every day on the information coming out of Florida. His invitation tells us that “everyone” who hears his words and “puts them into practice” will be developing on a “rock” (sound basis).

Who or what are you listening to? As a child of the ’80s I grew up on a steady diet of new music and motion pictures steeped with attitudes and actions that did not observe Jesus’ words. Individuals items formed my considering in a large amount of approaches that were not practical to me or those close to me. Upon finding married and getting a father, I began to re-have interaction with Jesus and his text in the Bible. I study in John 6:28-29 that when folks asked Jesus what they need to do to do the is effective God involves? His reaction was, “The function of God is this: to consider in the 1 he has despatched.” Jesus!

By way of the years I have located that distributing my means to his ways usually establishes my life upon a rock-solid foundation. It is hardly ever straightforward, but the a lot more I yield to the foremost of God’s Holy Spirit and request to have confidence in in Jesus’ life, dying and resurrection, the extra need I have to stay that way daily. So, who are you listening too? What attitudes are shaping your existence? For nearly 40 several years the basis of the Surfside Condos seemed satisfactory, but ultimately the real truth was exposed. Scripture phone calls us to repent (actually, modify the way we feel) and consider the Excellent News (that Jesus has done anything needed for our forgiveness and salvation, so have confidence in him). In light of all this I phone you, my neighbors, to have faith in Jesus and set his words into observe. You will uncover your life designed upon the Rock.

Matt Hundley is pastor of Albert Lea Winery Church.