Akron academics make home phone calls, see silver lining in online finding out

Kelley Pratt, a fifth grade teacher at I Promise School, chats with Serenity Moore, 11, as she stops by the student's house to drop off school supplies Jan. 21 in Akron.

Scarcely out of her automobile, Kelley Pratt’s high-pitched voice filled the quiet Akron road. 

“Hel-looooooo!” she yelled in the way of a property in which two children, bundled in hats and coats on a blustery but sunny January afternoon, came functioning. 

Pratt, an Akron Community Schools instructor with the I Promise School, enveloped 11-yr-outdated Serenity Moore in a hug. Pratt’s co-instructor in her fifth grade class, intervention expert Sharday Suttles, had arrived just prior and was already acquiring a conversation with Serenity’s mother. 

“She would like to go back to school so lousy,” Theresa Jones said of her daughter. 

Serenity, she reported, can be shy to the stage of shutting down. But with her teachers, “she will get with them, she’s a complete distinct person,” her mother reported.