Ashley Mayes of “Bigger Than the Three of Us”


Here at Decoist, we’re continuing our new series where we ask interior designers, design bloggers, and design influencers about their stories, experiences, design philosophies, and more.

As much as we know you all love hearing from us about the latest trends and design ideas for your home, we want to feature people that we also look to for inspiration. This week we’re talking to Ashley Mayes, of “Bigger Than the Three of Us”. The Springfield, Missouri-based designer has built an impressive community sharing DIY projects, home design, home decor finds, and home improvement tutorials,. You can find Ashley on PinterestInstagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


What started your passion for design and what inspired you to get involved in this industry? 

We bought our current house in 2012 and it had great bones but was completely out of date. After some trial and error, I found that I really enjoyed designing. I started sharing that process on my website and that lead to where I’m at today.

What’s a golden rule you have when it comes to decorating and redesigning a space in your home? 

Collected homes take time. To truly tell your story within your home, you have to buy pieces that connect with you. Don’t settle for less.

What’s an often overlooked part of homes that need more attention when it comes to style & design?

For me, I think the more natural light, the better. I’ve enlarged multiple windows within our home and it’s been the best investment.

From “Bigger Than the Three of Us”.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people make when redesigning their home? 

I hate when i see people copy other rooms just so they have a room that looks designed. Find your own style, march to your own drum, and create a space that is truly you.

How do you know when you’ve done a “good job” with a space? 

When it feels like home.

From your perspective, is home design more of an art or science? 

I think it’s definitely both for sure. Are there equations that generally make a space come together fluidly? Yes, for sure. But within those rules, there are also ways to design outside the box that creates a space that is visually interesting, functional, etc.

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