Bowflex Revolution Comparison – A Comparison of the Revolution FT and XP


The Bowflex Revolution is one of the most popular models in the Nautilus line up. One of the problems potential buyers face is “which Bowflex is right for me?’ Below you will find my comparison of the Bowflex Revolution FT and XP to help you with your decision.

Bowflex Features and Benefits: The Revolution FT and XP are part of their flagship-lineup. Engineered with Spiraflex technology, they offer movements that have the same feel and results as a high quality cable machine. Spiraflex works by using an elastic band wrapped around a coil deliver fluid movements. Because of the linear movement, this works exceptionally well for isolating and conditioning different muscle groups. The Revolution machines offer a maximum resistance of 280 lbs making them suitable for beginner and intermediate weightlifters. If you need more weight I would suggest supplementing your workout with free weights. However, if your primary goal is conditioning than the Revolution offers plenty of weights.

Difference Between the Bowflex FT and XP: Fortunately, these two models are nearly identical in features and functionality. They offer the same exercises and variations with the XP offering the additional benefit of a lat tower for lat pull downs. This can be supplemented on the FT by using the Revolution arms. The FT is basically the retail version of the XP and sells for several hundred dollars less making it a good value.

The Right Home For Your Bowflex Revolution: Size and space need to be considered when purchasing a Bowflex home gym. The FT is a slightly smaller and lighter version of the XP. Where as the XP measures 38″ wide x 65″ long x 73″ tall (with lat tower), the FT has a smaller height of 48 inches (due to lack of lat tower). This makes the FT better suited for low ceilings and small homes. Both machines tip the scale at over 200 lbs.

Where To Buy The FT and XP: The Bowflex Revolution FT can be found online through several authorized dealers with a list price of $2,000 whereas the XP is sold exclusively through Bowflex with a price range of $2,299 – $2,677.

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