Building Multiple eBay Affiliate Niche Stores And Make Serious Money Without Having Any Inventory


An innovative way to build eBay affiliate niche stores has been developed for both experience and novice eBay sellers by using a simple software. Profiting from eBay affiliate program is one of the most under exploited opportunity. While some have attempted, it was known that most of them have failed to make any significant money with it. However, with this software made available now, any one can use this software to control all of the products listed on eBay marketplace and then allowing them to build niche affiliate stores made up of these products and targeted to any desired market.

There is a choice of over 28,000 niche affiliate stores to build using eBay’s 25 million products. Irregardless of which categories of niche affiliate stores a eBay seller had built, each of the products within the built stores will automatically contain the seller’s eBay affiliate ID.

Thus, when ever someone buys a product from the seller’s affiliate stores, he will earn a percentage of the sale. This percentage could range between 40% and 65%. In addition, if someone signs up from the seller’s affiliate stores as a new eBay member, he will get a bonus of between $12 and $22. This is the referral fees eBay rewards the seller for introduction new members to the eBay.

It was reported that selling a golf club from a niche “golf” store could earn somewhere between $4 and $8 while selling a Yamaha R1 Sportbike from a niche “motorcycle” store could earn between $20 and $40. It was also reported that eBay top affiliates have already earned in excess of $100,000 every month.

This niche affiliate store building software is ready for use. It comes with a easy-to-follow manual which will guide the seller through installing, building and customizing the niche stores. In addition, there is a private members forum where sellers can get the help they need to get their niche stores up, running and profitable is open and active.

As mentioned above, profiting from eBay affiliate program is one of the most under exploited ways. However, with the software made available now, it is time to tap into this opportunity and profit from it. With 28,000 niche stores that can be built from the 25 million eBay listing, there will be no shortage of niche ideas. If any one is considering to built eBay affiliate niche stores and profit from it, this software will be a helpful tool. Find out more at Tell a friend about this auction [].

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