DVIDS – News – 1st TSC Commanding General recognizes outstanding Soldiers

1st TSC Commanding General recognizes outstanding Soldiers

JORDAN- 19 soldiers were recognized by U.S. Army Maj. Gen. John P. Sullivan, the 1st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC), Commanding General, during a holiday visit to the Joint Training Center.

The following Soldiers were recognized for their hard work and major contributions to the mission here at the Joint Training Center.

* Sgt. 1st Class Jose Mercado (673rd Quarter Master)

Mercado serves as the Mortuary Affairs NCOIC and operates the lone Mortuary Affairs Collection Point (MCAP) in Jordan. Mercado has directly supported the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing COVID containment Beddown Plan, where he coordinated lodging, food services and repurposed $15,000 of appropriated funds for quarantine operations. He has inventoried and reorganized $750,000 in War Reserve Materials, where he reclaimed 16k cubic feet of storage space. Mercado has identified facility shortfalls with the existing MACP and remedied it through coordination with the base management. His efforts have resulted in improved joint operations between U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force mortuary affairs operations.

* Staff Sgt. Deandre Sassafras (673rd Quarter Master)

Sassafras serves as the Mortuary Affairs NCO. He functions as the COVID restriction of movement (ROM) NCOIC, where he is responsible for all quarantine operations to include: in-processing and out-processing of cohort members, conducting of required temperature checks, lodgment, feeing, and accountability. Furthermore, he streamlined the previous processes in place for ROM, which will be sustained long after he departs theater.

* Spc. Matthew Kennedy (101st Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade)

Kennedy provides medical support on both the LOGPACs and PAX run missions, upwards of six days a week. He steps in when the appointed Medical NCO is on mission, and provides medical support coverage to his entire location and serves as the COVID-19 close contact team member.

* Spc. Micaela Corsi (650th AG Postal)

Corsi serves as a Postal Worker at the Joint Training Center and is known for excellent customer service and positive mindset. Corsi is a subject matter expect for postal

financial transactions during Postal Rodeos in Jordan and understands all sections duties and responsibilities for the Postal Section.

* Staff Sgt. Danny Concepcion (98th Support Maintenance Company)

Concepcion serves as the NCOIC for the Joint Training Center Maintenance Section. He has provided invaluable subject matter expertise for mechanical and equipment electrical issues. His knowledge base has greatly enabled the officer in charge to focus on Battalion and Brigade oversight in Jordan.

* Sgt. Exavier Gonzalez (266th Ordnance Company)

Gonzalez serves as the central receiving and shipping point (CRSP) Yard NCOIC. He took the initiative to reorganize the CRSP yard in order to make it more operative with lanes that identify incoming and outgoing cargo, streamlining logistics package (LOGPACS). He serves as the only forklift support to all tenant units, including the Air Force.

* Sgt. James Molina (228th Combat Support Hospital)

Molina has coordinated two air evacuation missions since his arrival into Jordan. He serves as the sole patient movement trained for the Joint Training Center. Molina single-handedly leaned forward to Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center (TPMRC) and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in order to ensure we met clinical and administrative requirements in order to prevent hold ups by patient movement out of theater. Molina also created an evacuation standard operating procedure, with easy-to-follow flow charts that will be sustained long after he leaves theater.

* Spc. Michael Alexander-Bekele (82nd Airborne Financial Management Support Detachment)

Alexander-Bekele has resolved over 700 pay inquiries and processed over 4,000 active and reserve pay transactions for service members spanning across six countries. He maintains an accuracy rate of 99.8%, which exceeds the DFAS standard of 98%. Lastly, his efforts have resulted in the JTC Finance Office Military Pay section, receiving 100% “GREEN” rating on their operational Review with Internal Controls, which comprises of 23 tasks.

* Sgt. Janicia Spruielle (143rd Area Support Group)

Spruielle took the lead on building up and managing the Mayor Cell with her organization skills and willingness to enforce standards. She maintains proficiency when

new units process through and continuously maintains a professional attitude and knowledge base of the Joint Training Center.

* Sgt. Johnathon Crouch (143rd Area Support Group)

Crouch serves as the construction operations Noncommissioned Officer within the Directorate of Public Works (DPW). He has taken on the additional duty of fire marshal for all Area Support Group- Jordan (ASG-J) supports and is continually improving the process by helping base commanders identify base fire marshals and submitting monthly reports to ensure soldier safety. He has also taken over the JTC work order process and has developed a strong working relationship with our host nation counterparts, who continuously seek out his guidance.

* Spc. Hamad Bangash (143rd Area Support Group)

Bangash provides unwavering support to other Soliders, NCOs, and Officers throughout JTC. He continuously works without guidance and strives for perfection in all assigned tasks. Bangash goes above and beyond in maintaining the Executive Driver Program to ensure it upholds high standards.

* Spc. Rebecca Washington (143rd Area Support Group)

Washington serves as the Executive Services Assistant to the Command Team. She functions significantly above her pay grade and has been instrumental in all assigned tasks. Washington continuously seeks to improve communication among the staff sections and implemented a staff sync calendar in order to mitigate issues.

* Sgt. Eric Maddox (226th Composite Supply Company)

Maddox serves as the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for three Loyalty Support Services (LSS) Contract service lines- to include: DFAC, laundry, housing, and living area maintenance inspections. He oversees and manages over 50 LSS employees and he continuously goes above and beyond his job duties to improve living conditions.

* Spc. Jonathan Grimm (98th Support Maintenance Company)

Grimm serves as the mechanic and recovery team operator. He has completed over 50 LOCPAC resupply missions and has recovered over 35 vehicle recoveries, many of which were providing essential life support commodities to various locations.

Staff Sgt. Jessica Miller (143rd Area Support Group)

Miller serves as the intelligence noncommissioned officer, the assistant mayor and a victim advocate. Miller requires minimal guidance and her solid NCO presence and willingness and capability to accomplish any mission required has made her an integral piece of the ASG-J mission.

* Spc. Imade Adnane (143rd Area Support Group)

Adnane serves as an intelligence specialist but often fills in as the NCOIC in the absence of the intelligence NCOIC. Adnane provides daily COVID tracking and analysis for ASG-J. Adnane has taken on responsibilities well above his position and experience and has become a soldier that can be counted on to do anything he has been tasked with and to take initiative in the absence of direction from a NCO.

* Sgt. First Class Nicholas Triano (143rd Area Support Group)

Triano serves as the NCOIC for the intelligence section. He is involved in both the intelligence and force protection spheres and plays a major role in physical security and threat vulnerability assessments. Triano has also spearheaded the intelligence anti-terrorism plan and standard operating procedures. Triano’s knowledge, attitude, and attention to detail allows him to direct the intelligence section and due to his influence and mentorship, members of the intelligence section have grown as Soldiers.

* Spc. Grant Hunt (58th Signal Company)

Grant serves as a Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer. Throughout his time, he demonstrated outstanding troubleshooting skills and the ability to manage highly complex networks. He has successfully transferred and maintained all commandant cell individuals of Secret Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) and Non-secure Internet Protocol Router (NIPR) Access Point (SNAP).

* Staff Sgt. Luis Alvarez and SPC Dylan Rosas (573rd CMT Survey and Design Team)

Alvarez and Rosas have been as asset in establishing and implementing a survey standard within Jordan. Their hard work and efforts will allow all future construction efforts to have accurate planning data to ensure projects meet mission requirements.

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