Forced Matrix Opportunities – A Slippery World of Sinkholes – Part 2


Potential $7 a month investors in this sort of thing do have questions, and thankfully the offer has some answers.

1) Why will I not lose people I pay for? Answer: The low $7 monthly maintenance fee, and 50% commission on your first level means sponsoring only two pays for your $7 overhead every month.

Also, “unpaid downline members (apparently all members do not pay their $7 every month) will remain in your downline for three months. If during that time you or your upline place 2 new members under your unpaid member, their membership dues will be automatically paid.”

(Did I just read that the unpaid member for that month could collect a 50% commission when someone else places two members on their first level? Usually, when someone does not pay their monthly membership fee, they would not be eligible for commission in many opportunities.)

(Or did I just read that if you pay the two downline members’ monthly fee for the unpaid member, then their monthly fee would be paid by you? Yes, you would be out $14 up front but your deadbeat downline member could then apply for a continual handout every month at your expense. If this is the case, then it is apparently considered a good business practice in a 2x matrix, after all, the advice would be coming from the architect of the plan.)

2) How long will it take to fill? Answer: It is up to you. “I personally plan to pay for as many new members as I can. The way I see it, it is like paying for a lifetime of income. It is a no brainer for me to purchase an annual income at $7 per member.” (Presumably, purchasing at $7 per month per member ad infinitum (forever), or until the system collapses and everyone goes home to their own monitor.)

In fairness, a crack team of “skilled, active marketers who know how to build matrices” would help teach you how to be successful in building the matrix. (Let us hope so.)

3) What if I cannot get 2 under me? Answer: “First of all you will. Internet recruiting is based a lot on curiosity, need and trust. With this program, you are (sic) can give it away, the curiosity and need for money is a given. You will not have the trust barrier to break through.” (I am glad that trust is not a factor in building an Internet Marketing opportunity; were it so, it might be a good deal more difficult to succeed.)

Another comment: “If you are not able to afford to pay for 2, advertise your recruiting page and help the team in any way you can.” (Was I just given the opportunity to advertise to recruit? I hope all ads I place are free and work, otherwise, I might be incurring additional expense in building the matrix.)

Also, you will receive help from the OPFM University by “some of the most prolific Internet marketers and trainers in the business. Matter of fact, I know all of the secrets of Internet marketing and have always been willing to share my knowledge with my teammates.” (Well, I guess that settles it, no need to worry. It is refreshing to deal with someone who knows everything; after all, it is not every Joe walking down the street that could create this system.)

4) Is the OPFM HYPER-MATRIX a legal matrix or a pyramid scheme? Does it have a product? Good question. Answer: “The OPFM HYPER-MATRIX is a completely legal matrix that is inspected by a U. S. Attorney for compliance with U. S. regulation (sic).” Apparently the $7 monthly dues you pay for your tuition to the OPFM University makes it legal. So much for the Q&A.

The actual offering goes on for 16 pages but a few parting facts near the end caught my eye:

1) “This is a $7.00 2×15 matrix that automatically feeds a high paying 4×4 matrix.”

2) “The OPFM HYPER-MATRIX was designed to pay massive commissions early. Matter of fact, you will earn over $11,000 with only 5% of your downline filled.” (If the 2x matrix is 15 levels deep, then it must have 32,758 available member spaces, and 5% of 32,758 would be 1,638 members. So this is it: Figure out how to amass 1,638 paying members in 12 days and then your commission check will be $11,000+ per month.)

(He said over but I think he really meant more than; over means “above” in this case, as in “he high jumped over 7 feet,” whereas more than means “to a greater extent” or in this case “in excess of $11,000.” I do not want to pound on this because it is, in my judgment, the most common error in English language usage today; however, it does not make it any more acceptable.)

For the record: A 2×15 matrix does apparently have 32,758 spaces, which is only 422 less than the current 33,180 population of Lacey, my city of residence in the State of Washington.

My analysis on this 2x matrix opportunity is almost complete. If you were wondering, a sinkhole is a cavity in the ground caused by water erosion, and providing a route for surface water to disappear underground.

You, dear reader, will have to make your own decision about what to do when considering this same opportunity. Should you pass, do not feel stressed about it, when you open your e-mail as an Internet Marketer tomorrow, there will be another 100+ opportunities at you beck and call.

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