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Jeremy and Angie Freyenhagen, the team behind Freyenhagen Construction

From conversation to completion, Freyenhagen Construction can make dream homes and projects a reality without the hassle that frequently accompanies home construction. 

“Whether it’s a phone call or a website inquiry, from the first contact, we are listening to the customer,” said Jeremy Freyenhagen, founder and owner of the company. “It’s all about what they need, not what we want to build or design. Plus, clients won’t have the headaches that come from scheduling multiple subcontractors or trying to coordinate each stage of a project. We take care of everything for you.”

For more than two decades, Freyenhagen and his team have completed hundreds of remodeling projects and know the key questions to ask in terms of a homeowner’s wants and needs.

“The first thing we ask a homeowner is, ‘How long do you plan to live in this house?’” he said. “That question helps us understand if the owner wants to make it their forever home or just a short-term fix. Most people we work with want to stay long term, and that helps determine their level of investment. We ensure our customers that there’s really no ‘best time’ to remodel, either. Homes are always aging and eventually all of them need to be updated.”

Within a few weeks after the first in-home meeting with the client, and after measuring and photographing the home and creating a 3D projection model, Freyenhagen schedules an interactive presentation meeting at the company’s showroom to discuss all of the design options and what direction and next steps need to be taken. The 3D computer drawing brings the project to life and a cloud-based scheduling software, BuilderTrend, brings the construction in on time and budget, Freyenhagen said.

The user-friendly software allows the homeowners to log in and follow along as the project unfolds from start to finish. The software also allows them to easily communicate, approve changes and track selections.

As a result of the supply chain issues experienced worldwide, Freyenhagen and his contractors encourage all of their customers to make their product selections well in advance.

“I think by now everyone realizes that supply issues are real. To that end, we encourage our clients to be flexible in terms of considering alternate options if a particular item is scarce or has a long lead time,” he said. “Our design consultants can easily steer them toward quality products that are available, which is more important now than ever.”

According to Freyenhagen, some of the more popular trends right now include open spaces and simple finishes. Kitchens, primary suites and open living spaces are all very important to today’s homeowners.

“We focus on the overall usefulness of the home, not just what’s trendy. One room relates to the others, so we typically will improve an entire level of the home at one time, though we also do smaller projects if the owners are looking for good design and craftsmanship,” he said. “Older homes, for example, tend to be more sectioned off and in need of floor plan modifications. We can move walls, windows, doors and even stairs if it’s necessary to create better usability and traffic flow.”

When it comes to the design process, Freyenhagen’s wife, Angie, works with the client to craft a signature look and vision for the project. “Angie is an integral part of the process. She guides the client through the design and material selection process to create a seamless and cohesive look,” Freyenhagen says. 

For Freyenhagen, the design-build process is a great approach because it’s a collaborative effort between the homeowner and the contracting team.

“When you have people working on your home, it’s very important to have trust,” he said. “They trust us with their home, safety, security, hopes and dreams, and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

For more information, visit or call 406-652-6170.

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