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Knott’s Berry Farm has begun a major refurbishment of the Fiesta Village area around Montezooma’s Revenge as part of an extensive overhaul of the historic roller coaster that will extend into 2023.

Construction walls have gone up in Fiesta Village around the Fiesta Plaza stage, Casa California gift shop, Casa Arcade and La Papa Loca food stand, according to Knott’s officials.

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Knott’s teased the Fiesta Village makeover on Twitter proclaiming “vamos a la fiesta” — or “let’s go to the party.” The Mexican themed land built in 1969 is set to emerge from the extensive refurbishment in summer 2023.

Knott’s will announce more details soon regarding Fiesta Village, according to Knott’s officials.

In February, Knott’s launched a major renovation of the Montezooma’s Revenge coaster that has been designated a historic landmark as the last operating ride of its kind in the United States and the longest standing in its original location.

The yearlong upgrade of the first-of-its-kind flywheel-launched shuttle coaster will stretch into 2023.

Construction walls have gone up in Fiesta Village at Knott's Berry Farm. (Knott's)
Construction walls have gone up in Fiesta Village at Knott’s Berry Farm. (Knott’s)

Knott’s work crews recently removed the top half of the loop on the 1978 roller coaster as part of the refurbishment, according to Screamscape. Montezooma’s Revenge will get a new coaster train as part of the extensive overhaul, Screamscape reports.

In addition to Monty, Fiesta Village is home to the Jaguar steel coaster, La Revolucion pendulum swing, Sol Spin thrill ride, Dragon Swing pirate ship, Hat Dance tea cups, Waveswinger wave swing and 1955 Dentzel carousel.

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