Leesa vs Casper: which is the best memory foam mattress for your sleep?


If you’re trying to decide between Leesa and Casper, there are some definite pros and cons to each that should help you make that choice, leading you to the best mattress for your sleep. Here we’re focusing on the most affordable Original models from each brand, comparing them in terms of price, trial period, design, comfort and support.

Both the Leesa Original and the Casper Original offer a medium-firm feel that should suit most body weights and sleep positions. They start off at a similar price, with $849 for the Leesa Original and $895 for the Casper Original, and have a similar construction with contouring foam layers and a sturdy foam base. But there are some key differences between these two memory foam mattresses too, as we explain in our Leesa vs Casper comparison.


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