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This is a Religion column.

Everyone in the development enterprise is aware the complete relevance of a fantastic basis.   By the way, I want to thank all who do the job in that field, no subject what your trade is. Your operate in all sorts of temperature to establish properties, factories, colleges, church buildings, professional medical amenities and roads is appreciated.

As Solomon was constructing the Temple in Jerusalem, he understood the importance of a excellent foundation for that superb structure.   

“At the king’s command they taken off from the quarry big blocks of high quality stone to present a basis of dressed stone for the temple.”  I Kings 5:17

I locate it intriguing that in the prior verses we examine that Solomon had 70, 000 carriers and 80, 000 stonecutters in the hills together with 3,300 supervisors.   Even though they had been not all cutting stone for the basis, many of them were. That was a great deal people expending a large amount of exertion to provide top quality stones for the foundation.   The wisest male that at any time lived understood the importance of a great foundation.

Jesus understood the great importance of a superior foundation.   

  “Therefore all people who hears these text of mine and puts them into follow is like a clever male who constructed his property on the rock.  The rain came down,   the streams rose, and the winds blew and defeat from that property nonetheless it did not tumble because it experienced its foundation on the rock.   

But anyone who hears these words and phrases of mine and does not set them into follow is like a foolish gentleman who designed his residence on the sand.   The rain arrived down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and defeat from that residence, and it  fell with a wonderful crash.”  Matthew 7:24-27

If you grew up in Sunday School, you may well remember singing the little track and its motions based on this passage.   I suspect what most people today remember about this parable is the dwelling on the rock and the household on the sand and what transpired to them as the rains came down.  Perhaps it will make you think of moments you were being at the seashore as a little one or with your children or grandchildren constructing sand castles.   You devote several hours creating and then the oceans’s edge creeps closer and closer, and at last the castle is swept away.  

 It’s is the this means at the rear of the parable that is significant.   Jesus reported a superior foundation was hearing his word AND putting it into exercise.   On the other hand, he claimed an inadequate basis was listening to his word and NOT placing it into apply.   

Thousands and thousands or it’s possible billions of folks have read some of the text of Jesus, but how numerous of them set them into practice?  Let us seem a few of Jesus’ phrases identified in the Gospels of the New Testament. 

 “Jesus replied, “Truly, definitely, I explain to you, no a person can see the kingdom of God unless of course he is born    once again.” (John 3:3)  

  Have you put these text of Jesus into exercise?  Have you been born once again?   

Listed here are some additional of his words discovered in John 3:18.

  “Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not think has already been condemned, simply because he has not thought in the title of God’s a person and only Son.”  (John 3:18)   

 Have you put these phrases of Jesus into exercise?   Have you believed in the identify of God’s a single and only Son?   The term “believe” signifies a lot more that acknowledging that he exists, but it signifies obedience to the Son.

What about you?   What sort of foundation are you building your existence on?   If you not only listen to the phrases of Jesus but also place them into follow, then you have a basis of rock.   If you only hear the words of Jesus but do not set them into follow, then you have a foundation of sand.

Paul also referred to the value of constructing your daily life on a very good basis in I Corinthians 3:10-11. 

“By the grace God has presented me, I laid a basis as an skilled builder, and an individual else is creating on it.  But every single should really be careful how he builds.   For no just one can lay a foundation other than the a person already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Right here Paul is referring to his ministry.   The basis of all Gospel ministry is Jesus.  There were being people in Paul’s day peddling other foundations for existence other than Jesus.    Also, the foundation of the particular person Christian lifestyle is Jesus.   

It grieves me that some churches have abandoned the fantastic hymns of our religion.  They are prosperous in theology.   Check out some of the lyrics from “How Organization a Foundation,” penned by an mysterious author and initially released in 1787:

How business a basis, you saints of the Lord

Is laid for your faith in His excellent term

What far more can He say than to you He has stated

To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled

The soul that on Jesus has leaned for repose

I will not, I will not desert to His foes

That soul, while all hell really should endeavor to shake

I’ll never ever, no by no means, no never ever forsake

Of course, the Lord Jesus Christ and his term are a company foundation.   I pray that you are creating your everyday living on Him and His Term.

Chip Warren is the past president of the Albertville Ministerial Fellowship.