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Lawyer-client trust is necessary. It’s important to trust a licensed lawyer with your case. Locating a trustworthy lawyer requires much investigation. Knowing how often they win, how they work, and if others like working with them is crucial.

If a lawyer has great online recommendations, how can you verify their license? You can trust them or check their attorney’s license. Take these five steps to verify a lawyer’s legitimacy before hiring them.

State Bar Profile

All lawyers licensed in your state must be in your state bar association’s directory. Someone with “Esq.” on their letterhead may not be licensed to practice. A state bar number or first and last name should identify licensed attorneys on your home state’s bar organization website. 

The profile will include contact information, whether the attorney can practice law, and any ethical issues.

Google / Search Engines

If you ever need to find out anything, you can simply use Google. So, why not search for your lawyer? It could take some time to uncover anything helpful, but if you use search engines, any news pieces, magazines, or websites linked to your attorney should come up. Find out for sure if your lawyer is licensed in the results. Below are the search results:

  • The attorney’s identity
  • How big is their company?
  • Their specialty

Verify Redress Requests

A good Louisiana lawyer may not necessarily have a license to practice personal injury law opelousas la. Now that you know the lawyer is licensed, you should look into any complaints they may have.

You can also find details about complaints lodged against attorneys on the website of the State Bar. For attorneys who act unethically, clients have the option to file a formal complaint. A lawyer receives a Bar misconduct grievance:

  • The State Bar investigates complaints.
  • If the complaint is unfounded, the Bar does not punish the lawyer. The complaint is dismissed.
  • If the Bar upholds the grievance, the lawyer may be disciplined.
  • Discipline should raise concerns when studying your lawyer. Admonition, reprimand, or censure are forms of discipline.

Ask Around

Take advice from those you know. Every little thing might add up to show that a lawyer is legitimate and successful when it comes to litigation. Still, hearing first-hand accounts from people you know might paint a more accurate image of what it’s like to deal with an attorney.

Although lawyers may appear ideal in theory, they may not be the best fit for your case if they are too busy or problematic to work with.

Weigh the opinions and experiences of other clients with a grain of salt. Add personal references to the material you’ve already gathered from other sources.

Verify Lawyers with License Lookups

A lawyer license lookup is only one tool you may use to be sure you’re hiring the correct attorney. Whether Georgia residents look for a car accident lawyer mcdonough ga or a criminal defense attorney, don’t always go with the one with the biggest billboards or the loudest TV ads.

A lawyer’s enthusiasm and an appealing website could make it easy to forget the smaller details of your case’s legal strategy. Nothing your lawyer can do for you will be possible without a license. Don’t take the chance of paying for “legal” assistance that isn’t actually lawful.

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