Tiny home village construction ongoing | Local News


Ongoing construction of a tiny home village in Brunswick for the homeless is to the point where the main road running through the complex is ready to be built.

And water, sewer and electricity could be coming to the complex in coming weeks, said Anne Stembler, chair of the board of trustees for Hand in Hand of Glynn, the organization responsible for the project.

“It’s going really well,” Stembler said. “There is no estimated time on moving in residents, but it’s getting closer.”

So far, 18 houses have been completed and another 12 are under construction, with 11 concrete slabs laid for more homes, she said.

The prospect of helping the homeless by providing safe living space on a 4.24-acre tract at the site of the former Altama Presbyterian Church on Altama Avenue was the motivation for the project. Some of the homes will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

On-site services will include medical and psychological care, and a community garden where residents will grow their own fruit and vegetables. Nutrition and cooking classes will be offered.

A common area will hold a laundry room, library and reading room, computer room, kitchen and food pantry, classrooms and an office for the executive director.

The goal is to provide permanent homes with the community support needed to help the new residents adapt.

Once fully occupied, the new community will save more than $1.6 million a year for services such as shelters, medical care and police custody the residents would have cost taxpayers if homeless.

A fence will surround the village, which will include a gated entrance, emergency access and 27 parking spaces.

The project got some welcome support from Southeast Georgia Health System, which selected the project for the Community Outreach Project for 2021. Hand in Hand has raised $3 million in donations and pledges.


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