Various wine options to go with duck meals

Duck is a savour, rich, juicy, and delectable option to chicken but fattier meat. Although it is a scrumptious dish to have on every occasion. You can pair duck meat with wine and the one that’s always suggested as a pairing for duck is no one other than Pinot Noir, but like any other meat, duck can be cooked in myriad ways that affect the match. Wine is only good if it has the ideal serving temperature. Regular fridges usually fail to keep wines at the ideal temperature so wine fridges are the best option to store wine at the proper temperature. Usually duck, red wine sauce is considered the best sauce for a duck but there are a lot of other sauces that also taste good with duck.

Different wine flavours that go best with duck 

If you’re unsure what wine to serve with duck, you’re not alone. Even though you can choose any wine you’d like. You can pair rich, fatty, or highly flavoured duck with tannin-heavy reds. You can pick whites and lighter acidic reds with slow-cooked, fruity, spicy, or mild-flavoured duck. Also, reds with medium tannins go well with grilled duck. You can take a sweet white or late harvest white wine with duck pate or foie gras.

Here are some of the wine and duck combinations you can go with.

Pinot Noir wine

Pinot Noir is a duck’s best bud. An exuberant full-bodied pinot noir and a nice old burgundy from the Central Otago area of New Zealand, Chile, California, and Oregon, will almost always satisfy your taste buds. A light red burgundy may be best if you are roasting a wild duck, if you are serving duck or super-rare duck breasts with Asian flavouring, a sweeter, riper style might be better.


Merlot is filled with red fruit tastes with aromatic herbs. With a sweet cherry quality, vanilla touch and subtle dill notes, Merlot produces a delicate wine that would not overwhelm the duck, nor would it whine either. A fine Bordeaux Merlot with little rawness can pair with duck.

Tuscan reds 

The Italians take longer to cook their duck, they often fry rather than roast it. Tuscan reds like chianti fit incredibly well, specifically if the sauce has tomato and olives.


Gewurztraminer, an aromatic, full-bodied white wine, is one of the most outstanding wines to pair with duck. The softer, richer-bouquet wine, with its lychee tastes, flowery undertones, and peppery finish, will wonderfully match the sauce’s fruit flavours, duck curries, particularly Thai red curry. Gewürztraminer also complements duck served with fruit like oranges or quince as in duck à l’orange and smoked duck salad.


Now you pair the best kind of wine with whatever duck based meal you might be having. Even if you don’t, need not worry as all kinds of wine go quite well with nearly all duck dishes. 

You can drink the wine that you enjoy the most and acclimate the duck recipe accordingly.