What are the main types of windows?


Creating a home to be proud of is an aspiration for many homeowners across the South East, yet the reality of turning an average home into a dream home is often very different. More often than not, there seems to be more questions than answers and it can all get very confusing – unless you have the support of a knowledgeable home improvement company, of course.

Straightforward and cost-effective, replacing window frames and glazing can breathe new life back into tired or outdated properties with ease. New windows can even increase the price by up to 10%! With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the main types of windows available to make your refurbishment plans run smoothly.

What are the different styles of windows?

There are a variety of different types of windows out there, but at SEH BAC we offer these five main functional styles:

Casement windows are the standard windows found in homes around Britain. Typically opening outwards from side positioned hinges, top hung opening mechanisms are a possibility too. Also known as ‘Stormproof’ windows, casement windows feature a slight lip that overlaps the frame to stand slightly apart from the window.

White casement uPVC windows

Flush sash windows are designed to look like classic wooden window frames. Customised with authentic mechanical or welded joints, they sit flush (flat) into the window frame instead of slightly overlapping the window frame like a casement window. This creates a sleek, continuous finish that enhances both period and modern properties alike.

Cream uPVC flush sash windows installation

Also known as box sashes or vertical sliders, sliding sash windows are a timeless feature within Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian homes in Ipswich and beyond. Consisting of one or two moveable panels for easy ventilation control, historic sliding sashes used a weighted pulley system to open, close, and hold the window in any position. Quality sliding sash windows of today (like ours!) offer simple operation with the use of modern tensioned balances, coupled with inward tilting sashes to allow for easier cleaning.

A close up photo of a sliding sash window installation

Tilt & turn windows are a firm favourite in high-rise developments and homes where accessing the exterior pane is tricky. Working in the opposite way to a standard casement window, tilt & turn windows feature a unique inward opening mechanism that opens fully inwards for easy cleaning and maximum ventilation. They also tilt inwards from a top or bottom-positioned hinge, allowing for safe ventilation that doesn’t compromise your home security.

Aluminium windows with tilt and turn functionality

Bay windows are typically found in Victorian homes and are still a popular architectural feature used in today’s new build developments. Instantly recognisable by their angular shape that protrudes from the main walls of the room, bay windows add extra floor space perfect for adding a stylish window seat.

Interior view of aluminium bay style windows

Turning your property into a dream home is easy with replacement windows from SEHBAC

No matter the size, style, or window shapes required, make your dream home a reality with an award-winning company you can trust. For tailored advice and support, visit your nearest SEH BAC showroom, call us on 0800 666 444, or get in touch online.


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