Why Prefab Homes Are More Popular Than Ever


Prefab houses should not be classified as mobile homes. This is a common myth. As more people learn the truth about modern prefab homes, they are becoming more popular. These beautiful and customizable homes are affordable, environmentally friendly, and very easy to build.

Prefabricated houses are homes that are built predominantly off site. A homeowner chooses a floor plan and the panels are then assembled. Once assembled, they are shipped to the building site. The construction crew will then assemble the panels and build the home. Since there is less to build on site, the home is built significantly faster than a standard construction home.

A lot of people like the fact that they can get a home built faster. When there is a particular plot of land that is desired, it can be time consuming to wait for an architect to design the home, hire the construction crew and build the home from the ground up. With prefab homes, things are different. The homes can be chosen from a wide array of models in a catalog. Then the pieces are shipped to the site, leaving assembly as the only thing really left to be done.

The less construction is done on the site, the less labor is typically required which reduces costs. Depending on the model, the materials, and the location of the home, it is possible for homeowners to save about 20% off of a new construction home. In today’s economy, many people are watching their budget so this is a great option for those who want a custom built home that is more affordable than a site built home.

Home buyers are beginning to learn more and more about prefabricated homes. Standard home builders can be limited in their offerings. They build within a specific community and offer three or four models to choose from. There are often no options to make changes to the sizes of the rooms, the total square footage or anything else.

Many people don’t want a “cookie cutter” home. Modern prefab homes can be easily customized. Since the premise of this style of home is the assembly of panels, the panels can be adjusted based on the desires of the homeowner. If someone wants a larger kitchen, a larger garage or even a different sized living room, it’s possible to get this.

Homeowners are able to work with a building specialist at the prefabricated home company. Once a basic floor plan is established, adjustments can be made. Then the floor plan will be sent to the production team that will begin creating the different panels. Those will then be shipped and assembled on site.

Modern prefab houses are hardly what anyone would consider a mobile houses. While in the very basic sense they can become a mobile home, they are not the same. They are stronger, more customizable, and more attractive. Stone, stucco and brick can be added to the outside of any prefabricated home. This adds a custom look that creates something unique for the homeowner.

Everyone wants to be able to obtain their dream home. The problem is that traditionally constructed homes are often very limited in their offerings. Even if you find a site constructed home that has everything you want, they are often expensive and without customization options. With the prefabricated homes on the market today, it’s no surprise they are becoming more and more popular. Today’s homeowner demands more, and prefab homes deliver.

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