cPanel Reseller Hosting: Popular and Practical


People who are new to reselling or buying web space may find themselves asking: Why is cPanel reseller hosting so popular? There’s got to be a reason why of all the web management programs in the market, cPanel is the one that has managed to gain the most coverage. It may as well have its own fan club among dedicated cPanel enthusiasts!

As a matter of fact, a person who’s new to the concept of buying and selling web space may think there’s only one kind of web hosting reseller available – the cPanel reseller hosting account. That’s how popular cPanel hosting has become over time. This is not to say that cPanel has cornered a monopoly, certainly nothing that extreme! But when you buy a small amount of web space for the first time, chances are you’ll end up with a cPanel account; that is how popular it is.

This just means more web hosts install cPanel by choice. As website management software, cPanel is certainly quite versatile, able to operate smoothly with a variety of features. Over time many features have been added to the basic cPanel bundle… and more and more features are still being added. The development of this program has proven to be continuous: a plus when you consider the dynamic nature of web programming. The latest build of cPanel can be expected to comply with the most up-to-date standards of excellence in the web hosting industry.

This software is proprietary, which means it requires licensing before it can be used. But you only need to pay once for a cPanel license per server, which makes it a truly economical choice for many web hosts. The program was originally intended to be used by web hosts, so if an individual – or a reseller – would like to purchase a license, there are no provisions in the pricing for personal use. However, charities and educational institutions may formally write the creators of the software at, requesting for a free license.

If you’re the kind of person who automatically shies away from what’s “in” or “hot,” thinking it’s overrated, you may be missing out on a lot by not giving cPanel reseller hosting a go. There’s a “people’s choice” award for various things for a reason, and that’s because the choice of the masses deserves acclaim. Given the status of cPanel as a “people’s choice awardee,” it would be a great place to start your research.

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