Water4Gas Review – How to Run Your Car on Water


Did you know that you can run your car on water and save up more than 40% on fuel price? Water4Gas is effective and simple system converts your car to run on water. This technology based on splitting water on board a vehicle, and using the resulting Hydrogen and Oxygen gases not to drive the vehicle but to boost the efficiency of its gasoline combustion.

Water4gas is one of the most comprehensive and DIY water gas system specifically designed for beginners with no special tools and very limited budgets. A complete working system can be built at home with basic hand tools for $20-$100, installed in minutes and removed in seconds.

The package comprises of two ebooks, total 183 pages, and the result of many water-gas systems built by the team of Bill Lang, Tom Lang and Ozzie Freedom. These two ebooks are jam-packed with lots of details, pictures, diagrams and step by step instructions videos to illustrate how the system work, how to build and install the kit from scratch.

Water4gas system is easy to set up by everyone, the ebooks will show you how to put a little container under your hood, use the energy from your car battery. Then put water and baking soda into the container. It takes the water and separates it into oxygen and hydrogen, and then burns hydrogen along with your petrol, resulting in increased mileage.

Is this system SAFE? Hydrogen is dangerous and it is dangerous to store it in high-pressure tanks. However water4gas system do not generate Hydrogen, it generate HHO (Hydrogen + Oxygen). The presence of Oxygen and water vapor in the system makes HHO very safe! The HHO fuel used in this system is considered as safe as or even safer than gasoline.

More and more motorists are searching for alternative energy and gas-saving technologies to combat rising oil price. Experiments have shown that running your car on water can save hundreds of dollars of fuel costs over a period of time.Water4Gas definitely worth to give a try. You can save money, save gas, and save the environment.

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