The Most Common Type of Dining Room Tables 

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Looking to buy a dining table but not sure where to start? Online shopping has made it easier to even buy furniture online as there are so many options to choose from. When buying dining table there are a few things to consider that will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect fit. 
Shapes: The first step – make sure that the table you choose fits comfortably in your dining space. Rectangle and round tables are the most common and can easily seat six to twelve people. So, if you like to entertain a lot then its best to go for rectangle dining table, preferably one that can extend. Round tables fit well in square rooms and dining nooks. They can also be a part of the furniture in the living room, especially in open concept spaces. For a small family and less spacious areas, square tables are the right choice. Ideal for smaller spaces, square tables can be prefect for socializing or playing a game.
Dining Table Base: Besides serving the obvious purpose of holding up a table, the base or legs also decide how many chairs can fit in. Rectangular dining tables provide a lot of room for chairs to be squeezed in, accommodating many people for dinner parties. WOODGreen is among the leading furniture brands in the UAE and you can buy dining table online, choosing from variety of options. For a formal dining room, sophisticated trestle-style pedestal base has become quite popular, paired with high back chairs. Add countryside feel to your area with rounded butterfly design legs with oak top, finished in antique white. For a sturdier look, thick solid rubberwood legs are the best choice. 
Design: From Scandinavian minimalism to bold and beautiful, from a chic mix-match of chairs to a touch of elegance, there are plenty of ways to achieve the right dining area look in your house. Broad cylindrical legs at the base, topped with solid wood and classy round chairs can elevate any room. Its not necessary for dining chairs to match, so play around with colors and create a retro look. Pop a vibrant color with black and white theme and see the difference. Achieve elegance with curvilinear wooden base and classy chairs for a lovely setting of a modern room. You can never go wrong with a simple glass top as its length can be increased for a large family and can also easily fit in a small apartment, backed against a corner. 
Home décor is so much fun, giving people the opportunity to follow the latest trends and also add their personal touch to create an ideal, functional setting.